SONICable – Black


  • Description

    SONICable in black nylon fiber with silver aluminum tips and a black SONIC switch.

    Lightning Connector: Compatible with: iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus and all Apple devices that use a lightning connector
    Micro USB: Compatible with all Android devices: Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Windows, LG, Sony and many more…
  • Additional Information
    Weight 2.5 oz
    Connector Type

    Lightning (iPhone), micro
    USB (Android)

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    1. Larry
      5 out of 5

      Awesome, cant wait to get it

    2. Larry Is Weenie
      5 out of 5

      Wow Larry you didnt even get it you weenie, you just cant wait to get it. Dont comment on those things like that anymore retard.

    3. مريم
      4 out of 5


    4. Erik
      1 out of 5

      Received two, one does not work fresh out of the box. Tips are very wide; make sure your case has very large openings or this will not fit I await a response on how quickly I will receive a working replacement for the one cable, and sincerely hope the other one does not fail me anytime soon. A tremendous disappointment after a VERY long wait.

    5. Michelle
      1 out of 5

      Not reliable at all. It stopped working after only a few weeks. I’m still waiting for a reply email after I sent a personal message.

    6. Marie
      1 out of 5

      This cable was so promising! When it came I was really excited. The cable has nice fabric casing that really tough and ensures that the cable won’t brake like on regular apple chargers. However, the lightning piece was not attached well and it became loose after a few uses. The charger now no longer works at all.
      So great concept but there are definitely some things that need improvement to makes this a great WORKING concept.

    7. Eric
      1 out of 5

      I agree with Erik. After only a few weeks, the cable quit working completely. It will not charge my iPhone via a wall plug or USB. Very disappointed in this product after waiting almost 6 months to get it.

    8. Bill
      1 out of 5

      I had the cable for a few weeks. It works great. I was enjoying my SONICable Lighting cable. But, now my iPhone 5s will No Longer accept it.
      This the message I get. “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” If it does not work, then it is no good to me. I have emailed Sonicable and I have not heard back.

    9. Catherine Carr
      1 out of 5

      One cable did not work right out of the box and the other stopped working within a few weeks. I have sent several emails and have not gotten a response. Very disappointing!!!

    10. Aditya
      5 out of 5

      Best Item, but so long for response and shippin process.

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